Moving On #1 for contents of home sales | We sell contents of homes throughout South Africa.
Moving On #1 for contents of home sales | We sell contents of homes throughout South Africa.

Mbombela/Nelspruit, White River

06 / 04 / 19

  • hand tools - Assortment of hand tools such as screw drivers, spanners, winches and much more for sale. Make an offer  R POD
    hand tools
    R POD
  • assorment of chisels - Assortment of chisels, wood chisels, etc.   R POD
    assorment of chisels
    R POD
  • brass ornaments - Assortment of brass ornaments, compass, vintage surveyor tool, etc. Make an offer  R POD
    brass ornaments
    R POD
  • Chest of drawers - Vintage chest of drawers with heart cut inlays and mirror.
Marked down from R3500  R 3000
    Chest of drawers
    R 3000
  • bedroom accesories  - hand crafted round top kist for R1500
hand crafted beaded metal lamp for R1500
set of 2 wall mirrors for R160
set of 2 bed side lamps for R120
love sign for R80
kilim rug for R2500  R 5860
    bedroom accesories
    R 5860
  • kitchen ware - Selection of kitchen ware for sale  R POD
    kitchen ware
    R POD
  • Glasses - Assortment of glassware. Any offer welcome  R POD
    R POD
  • Decanters - 2x long neck decanters for R250 each
2x lead glass decanters for R200 each  R 900
    R 900
  • vintage silver ware - Selection of silver ware. Offers are welcome  R POD
    vintage silver ware
    R POD
  • hand crafted coffee table - hand crafted coffee table with oregan pine wood top  R 900
    hand crafted coffee table
    R 900
  • steam punk lamp stands - steam punk style hand crafted lamp stands from R850 each  R 1800
    steam punk lamp stands
    R 1800
  • metal lamp- booked stand and oregan kist - Hand crafted and beaded metal lamp with rose work and shade for R1500- booked. Marked down from R2500
Oregan Pine Kist for R1000. Marked down from R1500  R 2500
    metal lamp- booked stand and oregan kist
    R 2500
  • hand held rotary sander - Makita- big hand held rotary sander  R 2000
    hand held rotary sander
    R 2000
  • money safe - small money safe 30cm x 50cm x 40cm  to fit under the counter or a cupboard  R 1500
    money safe
    R 1500
  • De Canters - Silver plated and glass whiskey decanter from Wetherleys R 350.00 
Silver plated sherry decanter (vintage)	for  R1 500.00 
Cut glass with silver plated top and handle water decanter for R 650.00 
Library lamp- make an offer 
  R 2500
    De Canters
    R 2500
  • various - Single seater cattle hide leather seat for R7500
Vicorian side table- sold
Set of 2 framed trout fly fishing hooks for R600
Set of 6 Maroon Curtains- R200 per drop  R 8900
    R 8900
  • jigsaw puzzles - a large selection of jigsaw puzzles and board games. Make an offer  R POD
    jigsaw puzzles
    R POD
  • Weber braai - Well looked after Weber braai, with accesories  R 950
    Weber braai
    R 950
  • cast iron pots - A selection of cast iron pots.  R POD
    cast iron pots
    R POD
  • dining set - French Provincial dining set includes 4 chairs  R 3500
    dining set
    R 3500
  • server - French Provincial Server  R 1500
    R 1500
  • copper teapot - from Zanzibar copper teapot on stand  R 750
    copper teapot
    R 750
  • aluminium bath - Large aluminum bath  R 150
    aluminium bath
    R 150
  • lawn mower - Electric Wolf lawn mower   R 1500
    lawn mower
    R 1500
  • Garden clay pot with plant - Large garden clay pot with Jasmine plant  R 350
    Garden clay pot with plant
    R 350
  • radial arm saw - De Walt radial arm saw  R 4500
    radial arm saw
    R 4500
  • Oxyacetylene porta pack - Oxyacetylene Porta Pack and cart  R 6500
    Oxyacetylene porta pack
    R 6500
  • pipe threader- booked - Half and three quarter inch pipe threader  R 750
    pipe threader- booked
    R 750
  • Bosch gas stove - Bosch gas stove. 4 burners and oven are gas operated  R 5000
    Bosch gas stove
    R 5000
  • fridge microwave - KIC 170 liter frezzer fridge- booked
microwave 20 liter for R500  R 1400
    fridge microwave
    R 1400
  • hat hook unit - wall mounted hat hook unit  R 200
    hat hook unit
    R 200
  • oak bread board - Hand crafted oak bread board  R 350
    oak bread board
    R 350
  • coat hook stand- booked - Hand crafted free standing oak coat hook stand  R 950
    coat hook stand- booked
    R 950
  • easels - 2x Large hand crafted oak easels @ R850 each
small/medium hand crafted oak easels for R400  R 2100
    R 2100
  • Gym equipment - bench press unit for R500
make an offer on the weights
the dumbbells are sold  R 500
    Gym equipment
    R 500
  • kistchen table - Pine kitchen table  R 700
    kistchen table
    R 700
  • wall display cabinet- booked - Wood wall display cabinet  R 500
    wall display cabinet- booked
    R 500
  • Baunmalerei kist - Wooden kist with Baunmalerei design  R 500
    Baunmalerei kist
    R 500
  • vintage wash stand- booked - Vintage marble top wash stand with blue tile inlay  R 3000
    vintage wash stand- booked
    R 3000
  • wooden book case - Ornamental book shape wooden case with brass from Wetherleys R600  R 600
    wooden book case
    R 600
  • vintage horse brasses - Vintage horse brasses on leather strap for R450  R 450
    vintage horse brasses
    R 450
  • copper kettle on brazier- booked - From Zanzibar copper kettle on brazier for R1400  R 1400
    copper kettle on brazier- booked
    R 1400
  • thomas bain prints - Various themed Thomas Bain prints @ R150 each  R 750
    thomas bain prints
    R 750
  • walking sticks holder - Assorted walking sticks @ R100 each
Walking stick holder for R50  R 1350
    walking sticks holder
    R 1350
  • book sheld and lamp - Dark Brown bookshelf for R500
Table lamp for R200  R 700
    book sheld and lamp
    R 700
  • Oval tureen - Silver plated oval tureen  R 600
    Oval tureen
    R 600
  • Wetherleys - Wetherleys beveled mirror (1.45x1m) for R3000
Wetherleys mantel clock for R500
2x side tables with covers- booked
Round bronze bowl for R400  R 4200
    R 4200
  • art deco wardrobe- booked - Art Deco Wardrobe  R 900
    art deco wardrobe- booked
    R 900
  • golf club set - Price reduced to R1500
Callaway golf club set with sand wedge, putter, 3 drivers and golf cart. 
  R 1500
    golf club set
    R 1500
  • coffee table - hand crafted coffee table with metal bands  R 1200
    coffee table
    R 1200
  • Wooden kist - Oregan Pine Kist marked down to R1000  R 1000
    Wooden kist
    R 1000
  • decorative copper plates - Large decorative copper plates 2 R250 each
black elephant head with brass- sold
African mask with brass- sold
knife in sheath with mother of pearl inlays- sold  R 750
    decorative copper plates
    R 750
  • steampunk stand- booked - Steam punk coat hook holder stand  R 800
    steampunk stand- booked
    R 800
  • electric tools - Band Saw- sold
Eurasia standing drill press for R5000
Little table top drill press- sold
Bench Grinder for R400
  R 7300
    electric tools
    R 7300
  • Afgan Carpet - 3m x 1.82m Afgan Carpet  R 2500
    Afgan Carpet
    R 2500
  • kilim rug - 3m x 1.82m Kilim Rug
  R 2500
    kilim rug
    R 2500
  • Cattle hide leather loounge - Large 2 seater cattle hide leather for R20000.00
Large single seater cattle hide leather for R7500.00
Footstool- booked  R 28300
    Cattle hide leather loounge
    R 28300
Pre booked Sale


Johann Cock
083 264 6875 /062 325 6645

French Provincial, Wetherleys, Cattle hide leather, Steampunk, Afgan carpets. Just to name a few of the exciting furniture available. All contents of home must sell; including wide variety electrical tools and hand tools. Very reasonable prices

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